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FOR DEALERS - Union Street Antiques & Collectibles Group Shop


Whether you’re an established dealer with items in multiple shops, or just getting started with a fine collection from your garage, Union Street Antiques & Collectibles Group Shop is the perfect place to offer your wares. 


How it Works
Dealers pay a monthly rent for the space of their choosing, and are responsible for stocking, decorating, and upkeep of the space.  All items for sale are tagged with the price and a unique vendor number.  The store is managed by Union Street Antiques & Collectibles, so you do not need to be onsite to sell your goods.  Customers will pay the store directly for all items, and you will receive a check for any items purchased from your location.


Union Street Antiques & Collectibles does not mark-up prices or charge a commission, although consignment sales can be arranged.


  • Private Rooms
  • Wall Space with Shelving
  • Locked Curio Cases
  • Center Isle Spaces
  • Open Year-Round
  • Plenty of Parking


Contact Gary, Theresa Sansoucie or Rick De Blois - Manager
(603) 332-0202